How to build your perfume wardrobe ?

The concept of a perfume wardrobe is built around this very idea, a perfume for every mood, season and occasion. A perfume wardrobe is more than just collecting multiple perfumes; rather, it is about having options that meet our various needs. Read more about Fragrance Wardrobe here. 

Know your notes: Everyone has a certain scent to which they are naturally drawn; when you are just starting out, adhere to that fragrance family because trying out various fragrance families can be overwhelming. Citrus, oriental, woody, fruity, and floral are a few of the fragrance groups. Do broaden your views when it comes to your chosen fragrance category. For instance, if you prefer woody scents, don’t limit yourself to wearing only cedarwood or sandalwood; instead, try out other woody notes like guaiac wood, birch, or pine. A personal favourite with Guaiac notes is OUD GUAIAC. 

Fragrances are accessories: Now, you wouldn’t dress the same way each day, or wear the same shoes, would you? Therefore, it’s crucial to have a diverse fragrance “wardrobe” that can change daily, seasonally, or according to your attitude. the fundamentals of scent? You ought to have one for everyday use, for work and pleasure, and with your unique “signature” scent. Your everyday smell should make you feel lovely; it shouldn’t be as serious as your workday scent because you don’t want to offend any coworkers with it. A subtle scent like Balade in Autumn is a perfect work wear scent with refreshing and luscious notes like bigarade and saffron. 

Consider where you wear your fragrances: Make a list of any places you frequently visit, including your workplace, social gatherings with friends, recreational activities, and lavish parties. You need to have fragrances for every event. For example, you might want a subtle scent for work, but for special instances like parties, you might prefer a more potent scent. If exercise is a regular part of your routine, you might only want to lightly perfume your skin with an eau de toilette or essential oil that evaporates more slowly than a conventional, more potent fragrance like Esteemed Musk.

Lastly! Don’t forget to experiment: Once you are familiar with adding fragrances to your wardrobe, try out new notes and different blends, you never know what smell could be your next favourite, so keep trying new fragrance families and keep adding to your collection. A fun way to explore new ones is investing in sample sets! Discover what suits your personality is trying our Sentier set, which has 10 distinctive sets to suit all your shades.

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