Sentier marketing team reveals their top fragranceS.

Our team has been part of the development journey in creating, testing and naming the Sentier fragrances. During this process, everyone has become fond of their own particular scents so I asked the team to select their personal favourite. Which fragrance transports you to a different world, blurring the boundaries between perception and self? 

Luana, Marketing Executive, loves Blade in Autumn because it transports her to the days of Autumn. The truly autumnal elements of the perfume come from its base notes, which are made up of Cedar, precious resins and Botanical moss. 

Ailsa, Marketing Associate, mentioned that as it’s spring her favourite perfume is Rose taif. The taif roses at the heart of this delicate perfume are known for their deep and intricate floral fragrance, which are also heightened by the addition of geranium and Cardamom. 

Natalie, Marketing Associate, was attracted to Path of Lemons as it reminds her of her Hometown, Italy. It helps her find a little peace in the hustle and bustle of the city and wander along the path of lemons. Zesty Citrus scents combined with floral notes of lavender and iris truly transport her to Amalfi coast, the inspiration behind the fragrance. 

Andrew, Digital Marketing Manager, found it difficult to just select one fragrance and highlighted three of his favourites: Esteemed Musk, Rán and Monde à Part. Each of which are perfect to wear throughout the day, and have their own individual characteristics. Monde à Part topped his favourite list, as it’s a great evening scent with sweet and spicy notes to create a sophisticated complex fragrance. Its intricate layering of orange blossom, amber and nutmeg make the perfume reminiscent of exotic and alluring oriental scents. 

As for myself, I love Oud Gaic which reminds me of potent oud that was packed in tiny glass bottles and sold in the bazaars of my hometown Charminar, Hyderabad. Deep notes of honeysuckle, ylang ylang, vanilla and precious woods gives this fragrance its base, bringing harmony to the different elements of nature. 

All of our fragrances have their own special inspirations and memories. If you’re finding it difficult to choose a fragrance, why not order our exclusive collection and sample the full range in The Seniter Set. 

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