the best earthy perfumes that will connect you to nature

What Makes an Earthy Scent: An earthy scent can be described as one that has notes of wood, moss, musk or even dirt. It could  also have some floral elements such as rose or jasmine in order to make it more complex and interesting. An earthy perfume should evoke the feeling of being outdoors surrounded by nature. 

Balade in Autumn is my personal favorite among all the earthy perfumes at Sentier,  it gives you a Feeling of the crisp crunch of leaves beneath your feet as you take a stroll through nature’s playground this autumn.  Enjoy the complex forest fragrance, with hints of cedarwood and spicy bitter orange mingling together perfectly – delicately reminded by delicate floral notes from springtime gone-by. It whisks you away with its top notes of bigarade and saffron, while Turkish rose and jasmine provide a delightful floral heart. Its base is composed of cedar, precious resins and botanical moss to give it an unmistakably autumnal feel.

Oud Gaiac is another gem of a perfume in our collection. You can feel the refreshing energy of nature when you spray this captivating citrus blend! Notes of apple and bergamot will make your senses feel alive, while contrasting yet balanced floral notes bring a delicate elegance. Set onto a rich base of vanilla and precious woods, this fragrance captures all the different elements of nature in perfect harmony. One spritz of Oud Gaiac will take you deep into an ancient forest, trees towering upwards towards the sky.


Esteemed Musk incorporates all that is sleek and sophisticated into one unique fragrance, with one delicate spritz enough to cleanse the mind.  The top notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon are uplifting and invigorating with an airy yet calming sensation. As the fragrance develops further, it blossoms with a mix of jasmine and aromatic blends for a warm floral feel. Its base notes of patchouli, cedar wood and musky aromas add complexity bringing depth to this luxurious perfume – making it perfect for any day or night situation!


People often feel more connected to the earth when they smell earthy scents with notes of roots, seeds, and forests, which helps them feel grounded and centred. You can aslo read about HOW FRAGRANCE FAMILIES HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOUR SELF-CARE RITUALS Here.

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