The perfect Mother’s day gift

This Mother’s Day, transcend the ordinary and give your loved ones an experience that awakens the senses and speaks to the soul. Sentier’s Discovery Set offers a tantalising voyage through the world of fragrance, where each scent is a chapter waiting to be explored. With 1.5ml samples of all ten unique fragrances, it’s a journey through emotions, seasons, and distant lands, encapsulated in tiny vials.

Sentier isn’t just about scent; it’s about empowerment and self-discovery. Each fragrance is crafted to inspire confidence and embrace individuality, whether it’s the fresh allure of a spring morning or the warm embrace of a summer evening. With its genderless fragrance collection and the concept of a Perfume Wardrobe, Sentier encourages wearers to express their true selves through scent, offering a diverse array of options for every mood and occasion.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of storytelling with Sentier. Let your loved ones embark on a journey of imagination, where they can be the heroines of their own narratives, guided by the evocative power of fragrance. You also get £39 off their favourite full-size 100ml bottle when they purchase a discovery set, it’s not just a gift—it’s an opportunity to begin a new chapter in their olfactory adventure.

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