Let a spritz of Parisian Embrace take you on a stroll through a weekend market on the banks of the Seine. Fill your basket with treats then find a secluded spot by the river to indulge.


100 ml / 3.38 fl oz | Eau de Parfum

Elegance comes naturally when you let yourself be carried away by this complex and intriguing scent.

Top notes

Fruity fragrances of juicy nectarines, peaches and pears are the top notes in this perfume which brings all the senses to life.

Middle notes

They delicately intertwine with hints of bitter almond and liquorice which give the perfume its unique heart.

base notes

Warming, comforting scents of vanilla and brown sugar create the base for this sophisticated but youthful scent.


Our beguiling blends know no bounds, with each note aiming to inspire you to tell a story through scent.


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