For those with water personalities who take delight in fragrances inspired by nature’s romantic essence, we proudly introduce a curated selection of scents designed to capture your heart. Our collection unfolds with the enchanting aroma of fresh water, evoking the idyllic ambiance of the countryside. It continues with the refreshing notes of watery fruits and citrus elements, pleasing the senses with their sweet-tart allure. Together, these elements harmonize to craft an enigmatic sophistication that is sure to enrapture.

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For those resonating with water-inspired personalities and an appreciation for scents evoking nature’s romantic essence, we proudly present a thoughtfully curated selection of fragrances designed to enchant your senses. Our collection begins with the captivating aroma of fresh water, reminiscent of tranquil countryside vistas.

Continuing with invigorating notes of watery fruits and citrus accents, these fragrances offer a refreshing and tangy allure that delights the senses.

Together, these elements blend harmoniously to craft a sophisticated and enigmatic experience sure to captivate.
For those inclined towards “Water” fragrances, they’ll find particular appeal in:

  • Citrus and Hesperides scents
  • Green or aromatic fragrances
  • Fresh floral bouquets

The allure of fresh, modern fragrances and the crisp woody notes of aromatics and fougères will also resonate with this group.


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