For individuals with Fire Personalities who savor gourmet scents and oriental notes, fiery fragrances might be the perfect choice. These bold personalities are best complemented by intense woody notes or white flowers like tuberose, which exude deep sensuality and demand attention. If you’re seeking to infuse some spice into your fragrance collection, delving into this range of scents is a savvy choice!

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Olfactory pyramid – Characterised by an Epicurean disposition, individuals of this type are drawn to gourmet aromas, oriental essences, and may find allure in robust woody fragrances. They possess a fondness for scents exuding a distinct character.Those resonating with a “fiery” persona favour fragrances imbued with profound, provocative, and occasionally oriental elements. Eager to make an impression, they value fragrances with a lingering presence, appreciating their lasting trail.
Additionally, they have an affinity for oud wood and enveloping, rich woody fragrances, leaving behind a captivating trail. The interplay of diverse scents also holds appeal to them, embracing their sensual allure.


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